Training a Chihuahua

Training a Chihuahua

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Chihuahua, although small and cute, is an aggressive dog breed which is a common in United States. Due to its small size and endearing looks pet owners often tend to overlook the training aspect of this dog only to realize its importance at later stages. On the contrary, this dog can be extremely obstinate at times of training and can cause much trouble too. To avoid such situations it is advisable to begin training the Chihuahua from a very early age.

Need for training

Meant as a small companion dog, Chihuahua is convenient to be carried at the hip wherever the owner goes. This breed of dog is comfortable being treated this way and simply likes to spend maximum time with the owner. For this reason training the dog to learn to socialize and avoid dominating behaviors is a necessary.

Good and proper training can control the stubborn and dominating behavior of the dog like falling into fits of barks in response to outside noises, be extremely reserved in their behavior towards strangers, respond aggressively towards other dogs, be unfriendly towards children and so on. Such attitudes often make them behave and act like big dogs and ultimately land them in trouble.

Getting Your Chihuahua to fall in Line

Taking control of the household is the first priority while commencing training. Since the dog has a very dominating attitude, in most of the cases this cute dog will try its best to usurp the right of its owner and take charge of his home doing as it pleases. Thus maintaining boundaries and setting limits for this dog is a must and discussed below are some of the tips to achieve success while training a Chihuahua –

When to feed – Feeding time of a Chihuahua should not be determined by the dog, but by the pet owner – this breed of dog has the tendency to fix the feeding time as per his mood and this nature must be strictly controlled by the owner.

Taking him for a walk – Taking your dog for a walk twice a day with good control over the leash is a good way to give him a bit of physical exercise. He must never be allowed to control or move wherever it pleases him. Keeping the control of the leash and letting the dog follow is important.

Cultivating an idea of space – Being small in size, movement in the house is easy for this dog. However it is important to let him know which furniture he has access to and can jump around on. The owner must learn to impose restriction on his movement and strictly adhere to it without responding to his barks and whines.

Paying attention – Chihuahua loves attention and prefers to travel and thus always gets into fits of barks and whines to draw the attention of the owner. However it is advisable to pay attention to the Chihuahua only when it maintains his relaxed and calm state. You must learn to ignore the cute member of the house while leaving the house or even while entering.

In order to live with and communicate with your dog one needs have a certain degree of control over the pet.

Mental exercise

We often ignore the fact that while giving the dog a bit of physical exercise mental stimulation is equally necessary. Very few of us really take such small dogs outside and involve them in exercise but it is one of the best ways of training this breed of dog with short basic commands like sit and stay, speak, quiet, fetch, and many more.

The main principle to be followed and kept in mind while training a Chihuahua is to remain enthusiastic while training him and avoid situations that can let the animal challenge his owner’ authority and develop bad temperament.

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