Stopping Your Dog from Eating Food Off the Table

Stopping Your Dog from Eating Food Off the Table

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Training dogs pertaining to how to behave with food served on tables or on counters is a necessity. Imagine a situation – you have served the food on the table for a meal, suddenly for some urgent reason you need to leave the room. Once you are back thinking that you may now finish your meal, to your surprise the plate is empty. Well, it is very common in homes having pets especially dogs. He has taken this opportunity to have an additional meal and relished on the food.

Since it is natural for a dog to gobble every edible thing in sight, the onus is on the pet owners to lay down the rules not just to maintain discipline in the house but also to ensure the pet’s good health.

Restrict his movement

Always keep in mind that extra meal is harmful towards the health of the dog. First and foremost thing that must be made clear to your dog is that he is not supposed to eat from the table top or kitchen counter. One thing that you too should refrain from doing is not to offer food from such places as it would only serve to confuse him even more.

The next step that can be followed is to set boundaries for his movement instead of giving him access to every corner and room of the house. If you show him his eatable but stop him from eating it, it will confuse the dog even more, so it is better to restrict his movement within the house and set some boundaries. Show him areas that he can freely move and the rooms where he doesn’t have any access to.

Experts always suggest not letting the dog have access to the kitchen of the house. There is actually no reason as to why this pet animal needs to be moving around in the kitchen which happens to a crowded place anyways where some activity always takes place be it cooking or cleaning.

Ways to stop the dog from jumping on table and counters

There is no need to punish the dog for doing unacceptable things as punishment never works. Rather it is better to make him learn what might happen if he fails to listen to you. Make him experience something that is unpleasant for him. Discussed below are some of the tips –

– First, try to keep the food out of reach, and teach the dog the consequences that he might have to face if he tries to jump on the table or counter to get hold of the food. You can also place some items like empty cans, coins, bottles etc in such a position that if the dog jumps to have access to the food these items would fall scaring him with the clatter.

– This technique of scaring will send the signal that if he tries to jump on the table or the counter to get hold of the food he will be greeted with a loud noise which is unacceptable to his owner as well as to himself.

Maintain your leadership role

Dogs always listen to people whom they identify as the leader. Thus if you are able to maintain your leadership and authority in the home it will not be a problem to stop the dog from jumping on tables and counters to gain access to the food.

Many households have the habit of leaving leftovers on the table and order the dog to clean up by eating them. This is absolutely a wrong attitude as it simply confuses the dog and results in other members of the household starving when he binges on food left uncovered and unattended.

If still you have too many angry members in the household complaining of foods vanishing from plates, there is just a simple way out. Stop your dog form entering the room where there is food.

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