Playing Games with Your Dog

Playing Games with Your Dog

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Many of us fail to spend quality time with our dogs. One way to ensure that you spend some fruitful time with your dog is to engage your pet in playing simple games daily. Not only does it help one to get relaxed but playing games serves to keep the pets busy as well by giving them something to think and not get bored or anxious easily. It further helps to reduce the extra energy that these dogs possess.

An ideal choice would be the game of “search” or “fetch” which when played with a dog involves a lot of energy for the animal and hence can be extremely exhausting for them physically as well as mentally.

Choose the right game for your dog

Discussed below are some of the popular and effective ways to bond with your dog by playing games and enjoying the satisfaction of being a good owner –

While playing a game of hide and seek, the aim is to enable the dog find out his owner. To begin with one can hide in simple places and call out his name. Further, boost up the energy and tell them that they have been successful in their job by showing your excitement. Slowly one can make the game harder by hiding in more difficult places.

Hunting for treasure is a good way to make a dog’s brain work. Once can hide toys and order the dog to find them. For a change one may hide treats or within the toy itself and commence from within the home.

Response to tricks – One first has to teach the dog some tricks on the basis of commands. Make sure the dog understands such commands and is able to complete every one of them. It is necessary to give them a treat as a reward for completing each command correctly. Later once the dog is comfortable with such commands a simple round of “Simon Says” will let him perform and complete the series of tricks that was taught to him in the past.

As a game, fetch and catch is a wonderful source of activity and most of the time dogs love playing this game constantly with their owner. The point to remember here is that he must come to a stop when given the strong command of “stop playing” or when his owner hides the toy.

Dogs love to wrestle and this makes wrestling a suitable game for large dogs as long as one is able to have control over the pet’s behavior. If at any point of time the owner the feeling of the dog getting agitated or observes any change in his behavior, a strong recommendation would be to stop playing this game. It is important to set a boundary to avoid any untoward incident.

Tug of War is a game which wild and stray dogs are often found to play among themselves. To play this game with a dog it is advisable to use items solely made for this purpose and teach the dog to control his behavior and drop the item when ordered to do so. Such training is necessary to avoid any aggressive responses during the game.

Playing games daily with your dog is equally important as also is taking them out for a walk to get them tired. However if one wishes to bond with his pet playing games is a great way. It also helps to train the dog how to respond to specific situations.

All members of the house must be made aware of the rules to be followed while playing with the dog and must strictly adhere with them to maintain uniformity. The sole purpose is to have fun, bond with the pet and avoid bad behavior.

One must remember that by adhering to these rules while playing with a dog, both can have fun and the owner can experience the benefits of such game sessions at a later stage. Last but not the least a good consultant related to the health of the dog is needed to enable the pet to lead a normal, healthy and long life.

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