How to Remove Dog Odor

How to Remove Dog Odor from Your House

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Dogs are adorable creatures but unfortunately their odor isn’t as adorable at all. Sometimes your dog can smell really bad because it likes to eat waste, roll around in the mud like a pig or rummage through the garbage dump. However even if you make sure that your dog does not get into any of those activities, it would still smell the same and the dog odor wold linger in your house and on your furniture. The good news is that it is not necessary to put up and live with the nasty odor in your house and you can always get rid of it courtesy of some effective techniques.

Keep your dog clean – When it comes to the task of removing dog odor, the first step that you should take in this regard would be to clean your dog regularly. Dogs that aren’t cleaned regularly are more likely to smell bad. So take the time out to wash your furry friend and you will find that this would not only remove dog odor but also make your house smell fresh and clean. You do not have to force your dog to take a bath every day as it isn’t healthy for them but bathing them just once every month will make a phenomenal difference to the smell or rather the lack of it.

It also helps to keep the sleeping area or the dog’s bed clean and if possible do not allow your four-legged friend to sleep on your bed or furniture. Purchase a dog crate and have your dog sleep there so that it would be easier to clean it and to remove dog odor. You can clean the bed once a week or once in two weeks if you do not have time on your hands but it must definitely feature on your list of cleaning chores.

During winter or cold months, you may not have to clean your dog that often and this is because like humans, dogs too do not smell as much in winter so there would not be any dog odor. Hence you can reduce the number of baths you subject your dog to. In case the dog odor still lingers strongly then you need to consult a veterinarian because your dog might be suffering from some sort of a health problem.

Have your house cleaned – Removing dog odor can be possible if you clean the dog as well as the house. If the odor smells like urine then you need to get your carpets cleaned thoroughly because the dog might have relieved itself on your carpet. In case of a small mess, you can use a spot cleaning product known as Nature’s Miracle which is a carpet cleaner that is bereft of any chemicals. Therefore you can feel free to use it so that when your dog attends Nature’s call, you are aptly prepared to clean the spot.

In case the whole house reeks of the smell then you should rent a professional steam carpet cleaner from a local laundry at affordable rates and clean it yourself or have some experts accomplish the task for you.

Do you hate the smell of wet dogs? When it comes to removing dog odor it is also necessary to deep clean all the furniture, not just the topmost surface like under the couches and cushions and make sure everything is spotless. Another thing that can come in handy is an odor remover or an air freshener. Products such as Febreeze and special sprays for removing pet odor are good choices for removing dog odor from carpets and furniture. Additionally you can also use a wall plug-in unit which you need to refill once a month.

However no matter how much you clean your house and the dog, if the odor has been brought in external sources, it is easy to rid of. On the contrary if the dog odor emanated from within the house, then disciplining the pet should take a priority as lack of it would render every measure futile.

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