Common Dog Health Problems

Dogs can are afflicted by any number of medical issues, the same as people.  The difference is the fact that dogs can’t tell you when their tummy hurts or their hip seems out of whack.  They will suffer silently until the problem becomes a much bigger issue.  Therefore, it’s important to identify the signs and symptoms and the measures you can take to avoid these problems in the first place.

  • Joint disease and Dysplasia — Some dog are extremely susceptible to hip and joint problems.  Many pure bred dogs are more susceptible to arthritic dog health problems and hip dysplasia as their joints are generally a bit longer and narrower than mixed breed dogs.  Make sure your pet receives the required vitamins and minerals each day and that your vet checks out your dog’s joints for deterioration at least once a year if you have a pure bred pooch. Purchasing a set of ramps or stairs for your dog will ease the effort it takes to get up onto a bed or sofa.
  • Allergies — Dogs may suffer from numerous forms of allergic reactions.  By far the most typical is a flea allergic reaction that can cause hot spots on their skin and can even lead to bacterial infections.  Make sure you get flea medicine for your pet every month.  Also bring them to the vet for regular health check-ups.  Skin issues may be due to a bacterial infection or a food hypersensitivity, both of which need to be discussed with your vet.
  • Infections — Dogs may suffer from numerous bacterial infections, not just on their skin but also in the mouth, eyes, or in their ears.  Ear infections are the most typical and are frequently due to a foreign body or bacteria getting in there.  Look at your dog’s ears often to check for dirt, excessive dampness, inflammation, or red-colored spots.  Of all dog health problems, bacterial infections are the simplest to prevent.  Thoroughly clean your dog’s eyes, ears, and teeth regularly, (with pet-safe products) and brush them frequently to help keep their coat and skin healthy.
  • Obesity – Obesity is among the most common as well as deadly dog health problems and it is directly brought on by eating too much and not exercising sufficient amounts.  Obesity by itself doesn’t lead to death, but it does increase the rates of liver disease, skin problems, tumors, and heart conditions.  Weight problems can be treated quite simply with a careful diet plan and by ensuring your pooch is getting enough exercise.
  • Diabetes — Dog health problems tend to reflection human problems in many ways as well as diabetes is one such possible disease.  Food high in sugar and fat can lead to the pancreatic issues that trigger diabetes.  To prevent diabetes, keep the dog on the strict diet plan of high quality dog food with little or no table scraps or other food not intended for dogs.  If your canine is diagnosed with diabetic issues, you’ll need to see the vet frequently and may have to administer shots.

Thankfully, as long as your pet receives adequate amounts of physical exercise, has a healthy diet, and is well groomed, you can avoid the majority of major dog health problems.