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Dog TrainingDog Training Page is a 100% FREE source of information about a variety of dog training issues as well as breed-specific training information.

I created DogTrainingPage.com in order to put my passion for pets and dog training to use helping other people with puppy and dog training, proper dog care, and how to stop common behavioral problems. Our articles by dog training experts cover everything from stopping dog aggression, digging, chewing and barking to comprehensive information about house training puppies and older dogs.  We also tackle proper socialization techniques as well as what to do if your puppy suffers from dog separation anxiety disorder.

As a pet owner myself, I have tried a variety of different training guides and techniques.  On my Dog Training Page, I make it a priority to offer reviews for the latest in dog training material.  I know how important it is to know the quality of information you’ll be getting before you buy, so I offer my 100% unsolicited feedback in order to help folks distinguish the quality guides from the scams and unhelpful fluff guides available in the market today.

Dogs really can be man (and woman)’s best friend.  All it takes is a little patience and the quality dog training information available on this site.  I hope you enjoy what you read here and I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to send me your feedback, comments, suggestions, and stories anytime.  I am always happy to hear from other people who are passionate about their pets.

Happy Training!

Jennifer Rouse & “Malt”


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